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Company Information

TBZ Transport (LA0032963-X)
8189, Jalan Terolak 9, Taman Bamboo, 51200 Kuala Lumpur Kuala-lumpur

About Us

                    Our team sending your packages all over Malaysia for more than 15 years.
Our Mission
To provide the highest quality relocation services to our customers and form fulfilling partnerships with every clients we served.

Our Vission
To be able to expand our services to more locations in Malaysia and be accelerated innovatively and technologically.

Our Core Values
TBZ Transportation Service assure that employees are hold on to core values such as 1) Excellence, 2) Integrity, 3) Punctuality.

Product and Services

                    Transport Services, Home/Shop/Office Moving Service
Always ready, at your services.
+ Include worker
+ 1 Canopy Truck
+ 3 Tons Lorry
+ 5 Tons Lorry
Dismantle & Assemble Services
Accept Order from Monday to Sunday 9AM-6PM

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